One day we really would like to be able to welcome you to Brokeback Mountain in Vermont. The problem is, there is no Mountain in Vermont with that name right now. We are working to change that.

I saw the movie "Brokeback Mountain" and loved it! I saw it again and loved it even more. I saw it still again and was hooked. It was an extraordinarily beautiful love story between two people that touched the hearts and lives of millions of people around the world.

One day, after remembering a comment someone made about wishing Vermont had it's own Brokeback Mountain, it occurred to me that Vermont has many, many mountains and some of them do not have an official name. So, I got to thinking. Since Vermont is the coolest state, full of open-minded people, why shouldn't we have our own Brokeback Mountain (minus the cowboys)? It sounded like a silly idea at first, but the more I thought about it and shared the idea with other people, the more I realized what a phenomenal idea it was.

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It is important to understand that Brokeback Mountain does not exist, except in the minds and hearts of the millions of people around the world that saw and fell in love with the movie and what it stands for. Our idea to name one of our Mountains after Brokeback is not an attempt to become THE Brokeback Mountain from the movie. We are not doing this just because we loved the movie. It goes much deeper than that.

Our wish is to dedicate our mountain as an "eternal" tribute to a movie that changed so many lives for the better. This is the ultimate acknowledgment of gratitude, respect and admiration for the movie, its author (who went to school and lived in Vermont) and actors as well as to the concept of love between two people, no matter what their sex.

The movie, Brokeback Mountain, was able to bring this concept in front of the world like no other movie has ever been able to do. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Further, by naming one of our own Mountains after Brokeback Mountain, it will become a place of tranquility, refuge, peace and familiarity for thousands of people who will walk our Mountain. It is the power of an imagined place that will bring wondrous love to the Mountain of our creation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How do we accomplish naming one of our Vermont Mountains? Although this is an oversimplication, generally, we must first find the most beautiful mountain in Vermont that does not already have an official name. The next step is to gather a petition with an appropriate amount of names of people from Vermont or anywhere in the world and then make application to the State of Vermont for the official name "Brokeback" to be christened upon our chosen mountain. A special town meeting will likely be called in the Town where the Mountain is and discussions will take place. From there, it's anyones guess. "There's no reins on this one!". We expect a few complications along the way and we expect to meet some resistance, but if enough people believe in our cause and support us, we can make this happen!

Please spread the word of what we are doing here in Vermont to help ensure that our collective dream of a Brokeback Mountain of our own becomes a reality. Be sure to check back here for updates on how we are progressing with our special project. We hope to have accomplished something by mid summer. We are accepting public comments, for and against our endeavor, by way of our Guest Book located on this site. Please stop by the Guest Book and let us know what you think.

Even though the movie itself left the theatre some time ago, please don't ever forget Brokeback Mountain.


Burlington, Vermont


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Updated: July 2008

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From William in Grove City, Pennsylvania....Go for it! Don't stop until a mountain is named for this incredible movie. This will let people know how much this movie is loved, and also make the Academy look like a bunch of rear ends. All the other 49 states will be watching you. Make us proud! Go Vermont...lead the way!

V. Guglielmelli from Rennes, France tells us....it will be great for Vermont and for the picture. As a symbol, a perfect one.

From Thomas and Lynn in Middlebury, Vermont...The idea for a Brokeback Mountain in Vermont is an extraordinary and wondrous idea. That is from both me and my wife of 18 years!

Sue in South Hampton, England says....what a lovely idea.....a movie that could change the world honoured by a beautiful state that is setting a good example too....hope it all goes well!

Lorelei from Houston, Texas tells us....This is an awesome idea. I'll probably never get to see this mountain, as I work everyday and can't afford to travel, but I'd still be happy to know that it exists.

Karen in Fair Haven, Vermont says....Let me tell you, dear John, what you are doing is fantastic. Don't let a few miserable, right wing religious wackos tell you otherwise. They are just poor excuses for human beings and should be ignored. None of the few people complaining even had the guts to include a real email address. That tells me they are cowards who like to hide and are afraid to reveal themselves because they know they are wrong. Hang in there honey. You can believe me when I say the world is watching in silence at what you are doing but they are all hoping that you make this happen. God Speed dear friend. P.S. My husband and I are traveling on vacation but when we return we will contact you. All our love from Karen, Robert, Robert jr, and Lee.

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1) Our endeavor to name a Mountain is headed by small group of private individuals and is in no way officially endorsed by the State of Vermont. buy zocor
2) We are not attempting to (RE-name) any mountain in the State that already has a name, unless and until we are specifically invited to do so by the community where such mountain exists. We are presently looking to find a mountain that does not have an official name at this time.

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